Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your beans?

The Wild Yolo Blend is directly sourced from small growers associated with Cooperativa de Cafe Capucas in Honduras.

The cooperative is certified Fair Trade and Organic, among other sutainability oriented certifications.

What is the roasting profile of these beans?

Our roasting practice is one of highlighting the coffee's characteristics of origin. These characteristics are influenced by varietal, growing elevation, soil makeup, shade, wet and dry processing, bean moisture content, etc. All these variables will dictate how we roast the beans so that they have the optimal brew strength and flavor profile when brewed. 

That said, we don't necessarily roast in a light, medium or dark roast kind of way. But based on the variables mentioned above, the beans themselves may fall in those shades when roasted. We evaluate them in a cupping/tasting process to eventually profile the roast.

How much is the shipping price?

The cost of shipping is included in the subscription price.

When is coffee roasted?

The Wild Yolo Blend is roasted the same week that coffee is shipped out, which is the second week of the month.

Who is WildYolo and Yeti?

Two Full Time Adventurists Living Out Of Our Two Jeeps And Adventure Trailers

With No Destination In Mind... Just A Life Of Adventure, On The Road, In Our Adventure Machines!

Where are they currently traveling?

Wild Yolo and Yeti currently find themselves in the Southwest United States.

Who is Overland Coffee Company?

Overland Coffee Company is an outdoor recreation coffee company.

Our mission is to ensure that coffee protects and enhances livelihoods, the environment, and adventure. We source coffee directly from growers who engage in sustainable and responsible coffee growing practices. We roast it to highlight it's characteristics of origin and provide it to you to support your life of adventure!

When is the last day to order?

The last day to order coffee is the last day of the month. Your order will be roasted and shipped during the second week of the month. 

Recommended Brew Ratios 

We recommend the following brew ratios:

1:15 for Pour Over

1:17 for Auto Drip

1:10 for French Press

These ratios are based on coffee:water in grams.

For example, for a Pour Over if you use 30 grams of coffee you would use 450 grams of water.

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