The Wild Yolo Blend is named after my Instagram handle @thewildyolo and it describes me perfectly! I am a young woman who leads a full time adventure lifestyle with my adventure partner Yeti. We live a nomadic life on the road out of our two Jeeps and Adventure Trailers. Our custom built adventure machines are 1997 Jeep TJ ,“The Yeti” and a 2001 Jeep TJ , “Miss Tina”. This Blend is dedicated to our Blue Jeep, Miss Tina.

 We both came to a point where the average daily routines weren’t satisfying, the jobs or the fancy possessions. Life was waiting and the Wild was calling. We left what we knew behind. We downsized from two normal sized homes to a 446 sq. ft. Tiny House Cabin on National Forest. After a year and half life seemed to be pushing us down a new path. We were hitting the road on adventures and gone more than we were ever home, so we decided to make it official August 2016 and paired down to a small storage unit and hit the road full time living out of our adventure rigs. We quickly realized how important preparing ourselves with the right gear and mindset was key. It has been quite an exciting ride and learning experience along the way. 

Since we went full time we have traveled over 14 states and Baja, Mexico. A few months later I competed with “Miss Tina” in the first ever all female navigational, by compass and map only, Rally in the United States. We have put countless off road, trail and forest road miles on our these rigs and a million more ahead of us. This lifestyle has become a exciting adventure beyond our dreams! We have attended and been featured in quite a few events, magazines, podcasts and YouTube channels and so many more projects in the works. 

Find us on Instagram, @thewildyolo and @thejeepcalledyeti, to keep up on our adventures and be sure to say hi!


Wild Yolo


Miss Tina


The Wild Yolo Blend is made with direct trade organic coffee from Honduras.

Overland Coffee Company sources this coffee directly from the small producers of Cooperativa de Cafe Capucas, located in the western coffee growing region of Honduras.

Experience the chocolate, fig, and stone flavors that this coffee provides.


Overland Coffee Company wasn’t started out of necessity, simply a drive for something much better than what was currently available. After decades of traveling the globe in our beloved Land Cruisers and suffering through the bitter taste of instant coffee, we decided the bulk was worth the brew and began packing whole beans or fresh ground coffee. Soon we found ourselves making coffee for the entire crew, every trip, because our coffee was consistently “so much better”. Understandably so, our coffee wasn’t just a chance grab from the chain store, rather hand selected beans from their seasonal source.

With generations of experience in the coffee field, we didn’t want to run with the masses, or simply rebrand someone else’s beans. We wanted a coffee that spoke to the soul of the explorer and adventurer in all of us. So we followed the trail, tracking great beans back to the weathered 4x4s that delivered them to market, fresh from sustainable, family run farms and farmer cooperatives. But our decision to hunt down the best coffee also gave way to a bigger picture. Beans sourced form small, sustainable, family run farms, means a smaller footprint in the wilds we all hope to travel someday.

If there is one thing that we have learned in our years of Overland Travel and vehicle born adventure it is to leave nothing but a positive impression in your wake. Great beans took a few years to find, but sustainably grown coffee will help provide a livelihood and preserve forests and habitats for generations to come. On the same vein we also hope our years of hard work will preserve long lasting relationships with our adventure seeking customers as we deliver Overland Coffee direct to your door or preplanned post office to intercept you on your Overland travels.